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Music Is not what I do, Its who I am

Capture the real essence of your voice with my unique and diverse lessons catered for you, the singer!


 Vocal coach

Lavinia established her coaching career in Brighton and Hove in 2002. The founder, Mrs Lavinia Costello-George embarked on her career at the prestigious Brighton Institute of Modern Music where she studied the technicalities of the voice and stage performance, thus Lavinia progressed into a professional singer. She has contributed to many musical projects, concerts and competitions throughout her career as a professional singer and there is nothing more important to Lavinia than her love for music. But her main focus over the last ten years has been her private vocal coaching.

Lavinia has been singing from a very early age and was inspired by her idol Michael Jackson to become what she is today. with all the amazing talent she was brought up with, Lavinia wanted to be a part of the music world, And in that time she has sung everything from Rock, Pop, Soul, Gospel, and Choral singing.


Lavinia’s reputation as a fantastic singer and highly knowledgeable vocalist meant that other singers in the area would begin actively seeking her out for private tuition in the areas of Brighton and Hove and Northampton. Since teaching the art of the voice Lavinia has a substantial number of students from all over the UK to LA. 

On the whole Lavinia's vocal career, has worked with many top private schools, Dance and Theatre Companies, including Quinton House, Dance Scene, speech and drama school and Northampton College. Alongside her teaching, Lavinia has also been a judge at high profile music events such as ‘Unsigned fest’ and ‘Open mic UK’ which is affiliated with the popular TV show 'The X Factor. Not only has she been part of many musical projects she also has ventured into the acting field as well. Lavinia starred in the legendary acclaimed musical 'The War of The Worlds' though music is her main love. Lavinia has had her fair few acting roles and has taught the art of acting as part of her tutoring, adding both elements of the performing arts into one.

As a part of her role as a vocal coach, She has prepared many of her students to audition for and compete in competitions that she herself has had the privilege to be a part of in the performing arts. She has also prepared students for graded examinations, TV and film auditions and college and university auditions. Due to this extensive experience and versatility, Lavinia has had many students that have gone on to make great careers in the music/film & TV industry. Her involvement with many record labels has helped nurture the artist of her studies, which gives the singing career client a lot of the essentials needed in the industry. 

Lavinia is working with Harlington upper school in Bedfordshire, where she is teaching GCSE Music and A level music (Singing) and conducts the Voice Box choir too. She also worked with TheatreTrain in Northampton. A theatrical company that has many school's around the UK. Not only does she work as a private tutor but loves to help any company/school when it comes to singing. 

Lavinia also coaches singing tutors of all standards. Many of the vocal coaches she has trained, have become a great asset in their performing arts field. All of this is because of her passion and her love for vocal coaching which exceeds any expectation that is given in the singing industry.


Artistic therapeutics

Lavinia Costello-George is a professional musician, vocal coach and artistic psychotherapist. 

For the last 20 years, Lavinia has performed on stages up and down the UK and has given vocal instruction to a diverse range of clients, from professional artists to enthusiastic hobbyists, actors/actresses, models, presenters and even corporate presentations.

Lavinia is also a music specialist in singing for GCSE and A level students and helps patients with speech, breathing and mental health issues through singing and music.

With her extensive knowledge, skills, and experience as a vocal instructor, there has been one thing in common with most clients: mental health.

As an educator, Lavinia believes that it is her responsibility to give high-quality educational service and make each client feel safe and not judged in any way. Lavinia respects all who walk into her studio with a wish to learn the art of singing and allows them to express themselves with confidence. She likes to make her client’s environment a safe and pleasant place to learn, as Lavinia appreciates that many musicians are using creativity as a source of therapy for the difficulties they disclose to her

Those disclosures have led Lavinia here.

Lavinia has been expanding my academics in the field of psychology. She has numerous diplomas specialising in mental health and Is enhancing her knowledge with a BA Hons degree in psychology.


With all the education, research, and training that Lavinia has undertaken and is continuing with, she is now in a position to help anyone with mental well-being difficulties through the healing power of music.


As an individual who has suffered the effects of complex mental health issues such as PTSD, anxiety and depression, Lavinia has had a genuine experience with the problems that her clients face and now has the qualifications of how to help them.

Lavinia has used the power of artistic therapeutics to overcome her own issues, so she can say with full confidence and pure honesty, that her methods can work for you.