LA Vocals is a professional vocal tuition company that works with musicians, actors, models, voice overs and the corporate sector. We work with a range of students from all ages and abilities, and aim to give our clients a full understanding of the purpose of a healthy voice, as well as the technical command that is vital in their field of expertise.


Lessons are tailored specifically for each student, as every vocalist has unique strengths and weaknesses, with different skills to master for their chosen genre. LA Vocals proven teaching methods allow each student to gain confidence whilst attaining expert knowledge of their specific vocal sector. A high degree of technical excellence is also achieved by our students, with emphasis on areas such as;

  •  Breathing control

  •  Core muscle strengthening

  •  Speech progression

  •  Scale and arpeggio work

  •  Vocal warm-ups

 And stage performances just to name a few.


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate to an advanced vocalist or a professional performer, with Lavinia's high attention to detail you will achieve your vocal goals. Lavinia caters for all genres with extreme knowledge of diverse disciplines including pop, rock, funk, soul, gospel, musical theatre, country and even the heaviest styles of metal. Whatever your preferred style is, our guidance on all aspects of contemporary music will help hone your skills from genres you perhaps may not have found on your own. This level of versatility is a huge understanding that all clients need in the modern music industry.


With each lesson not only do you learn about your voice, how to warm up correctly, to help protect and preserve your voice and the technical skills to master it, but we can also teach you the complex theory behind professional vocal abilities. This is an essential skill for students who want to take graded examinations from boards such as ABRSM and Rockschool, which can also be taught by Lavinia the expert instructor.


Theory can be taught as its own lesson, within your vocal lessons, or if you just want to nail a piece for a specific occasion, we can simply just show you how to sing without the complex theory. You the student are always in control of the direction you want your lessons to go in, backed up by our confidence that we have the skills to coach you towards your objectives.


Lessons are taught either at the studio, based in Northampton or online through many platforms. All lessons are guaranteed to have attention to detail and focus on the subject. 



"Lavinia has been teaching both of our children for the past 18 months with great success.

Our 13-year-old daughter has just passed her Grade 5 vocal exam wholly due to the excellent tuition which she has received from Lavinia. Not only has she gained much vocally and theoretically, but more especially has built enormously on her self-confidence and subsequently, her ability to perform in front of any audience.  Lavinia has been her inspiration and as a result, her voice has developed beyond expectation enabling her to sing a huge range of music to a very high standard.   The most important thing is that she has fun and enjoys every minute.

Our 17-year-old son has gone on to create his own music and, with Lavinia’s guidance has produced singles and CDs with great success.  Lavinia has inspired him to study music in greater depth and he is now considering university.  Without her guidance and absolute belief in his talent, our son would never have explored the music nor without her introducing him to other singers would he have learned how to compose for a range of voices.  

We strongly recommend Lavinia to any parent looking for a vocal tutor to bring out the very best in their child both vocally and as individual personalities."

Angie Bartoli  /  Senior Lecturer at   University of Northampton